15 May 2013

Wednesday Bazaar 5 - Horn OK Please

This is a very common sight on the highways, but for me it was all together a new thing. I wondered what these colourful stuffs were. Then was told by my hubby that these are truck decor items.. For this weeks Wednesday Bazaar are shops which sell truck decors on NH8. 

And this is how a truck would look with all these decors..
Image from Wikimedia Commons

Wednesday Bazaar is a series where I post pictures of Bazaar or markets from around the world.. Check more Bazaars here.


  1. reminded me of my highway trips on weekends !! nice pics :)

  2. I once saw a television program that showed some of those amazing trucks from your country. Never thought about the fact that drivers/owners would have to buy all those decorations, but of course they do. Thanks for sharing! So colorful.

    1. Thank you Sallie, happy to know you are so keen to know abt our country...

  3. There are endless such decorations. Great shots.