20 May 2013

Crocodile Bird - Egyptian Plover

Sometimes even your little kids cartoon channel inspires you to write... Now a days my kiddo is fond of cartoons and the best channel, which i suppose for her is Nick Jr... They come up with some great series, compared to those Chota Bheem and Tom and Jerry ones. Team Umizoomi and Wonderpets are something which even i join her to watch. Today's episode of Wonderpets was about Egyptian Plover bird and Crocodile. 
An Egyptian Plover is referred to as Crocodile bird because of its relationship with crocodile, quoted by National Geographic in 1986. According to a story dating Herodotus, the crocodiles lie of the shore with their mouth wide open, and the plover flies into crocodiles mouth to feed on the bits of decaying meat that is lodged between crocodiles teeth. Though there is no evidence of this cleaning symbiosis interaction occurring in crocodile species and is mostly mythical or allegorical fiction. 
Image courtesy http://www.wolaver.org/
Isn't this worth to be shared, check more about this here.


  1. very wonderful post.. learnt a new thing about the beauty of nature . thanks once again

  2. amazing peace of info .. Meghana :) Crocodile bird was unknown to me .. wow thats so nice .. serves the interests of both .. i can think of a doodle on them :)

    1. waiting for your doodle on this...:)

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    1. eileeninmd, its a sourced image, not by me off course...

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    1. Isn't that?? it was worth to be shared....

  5. wow...thats informative and well written indeed...