1 September 2023

Floral Friday Photography - Brahma Kamala

I have been lucky enough to have a south facing balcony which gets bright sunlight throughout the year. That make the balcony compatible to grow succulents like Brahma kamala. We had almost 40 blooms this year through out the season, which varies from summer to mid of rainy season. Here are few of the clicks.

Brahma kamala also called queen of night or lady of night blooms only in the night, fades away by early morning. The bud starts to bloom by 7 in the evening and blooms completely by 9 or 10PM. The flower is palm size and has a very mild fragrance which smells heavenly especially when many of them bloom at a time. Its a pleasure to watch them bloom year after year. The plant is quite hardy, like any other succulent and grows well when neglected. Less is more when it comes to watering this plant. Pruning the plant at the end of the season helps it to come up with more shoots and blooms the next season. 

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