28 March 2020

Remembering H1N1 Pandemic, while Covid 19 haunts the world..

While Covid 19 has taken over so badly, remembering 2009 H1N1 pandemic.. 6th Aug 2009, my daughter Maanvi was born 32 weeks pre term, 8weeks before due date.. She was taken to NICU as soon as she was born and was in NICU for 21days.. Thankfully, the only concern she faced was weight and was in incubator.. That was the peak of H1N1 cases across Bengaluru and the hospital which had the best NICU in city was also one of the H1N1 testing centers of Bengaluru.. The reception of the hospital would be full of patients everyday.. I opted back to stay in a ward in the hospital even after I was discharged, to stay near my baby instead of travelling from home daily with all the emergency the city was going through. Life sometimes tests you very badly, today I call my girl the super fighter who had experienced ICU as soon as she was born, can't even imagine now what we went through in those 21days.. H1N1 had reported 30000+ positive cases in India with 2000+ deaths.. Hope the nation fights Covid 19 too in these 21 days of lockdown, with minimal casualties....

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