16 December 2017

Gullakayajji and the story of A Cup of Milk!!!

Facing the majestic idol of Bahubali on the Vindhyagiri hill is this black stone idol of an old lady, Gullakayajji. A small temple dedicated to a lady with a cup in her hand. Its been standing here ever since the majestic idol of Bahubali was carved.
Bahubali, Bahubali Mahamastakabhisheka 2018, Karnataka, Travel
 After the completion of the carving of the Bahubali idol, Chamundaraya arranged for the first Mahamastakabhisheka, the grand celebration. People gathered in thousands to have a glimpse of the idol which everyone was speaking about. An idol which was one of the best of its times. Chamundaraya had no limits to his pride, of getting the idol carved. Vessels of milk were carried up the hill to perform the ritual. The ceremony started and the milk was poured on the idol vessel after vessel. To everyone's surprise, the milk never reached the foot of the idol, it flowed down the head, face, chest and disappeared as a miracle before reaching the foot. More milk was poured to wet the idol, but everything went vain. Nobody could trace what the reason was. An old lady carried a cup of milk and wished to offer the blessing of the lord by pouring the milk on the idol. People laughed at her, but later allowed. To the surprise of everyone, a cup of milk poured by the old lady gushed from the idol's head like a stream past the feet and flowed down the hill to form the pond of milk at the foot of the Vindhyagiri Hill. So did the temple town get its name Belagola or Bili Kola meaning white pond or milky pond in Kannada. This incident broke Chamundaraya's pride, his pride of getting one of the biggest and beautiful idols carved. He immediately bowed down to the idol and asked for his forgiveness, the Mastakabhisheka was done with devotion. 
Bahubali, Bahubali Mahamastakabhisheka 2018, Karnataka, Travel
The pond at the foot hill, which gives the name to this place Belagola
The idol of the lady was carved just in front of Bahubali idol. 

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