26 November 2017

Bahubali - One with Strong Arms!!!

While we speak mostly about Thirtankaras in Jainism, there was one Lord who was given as important a place as Thirthankara. He was Bahubali, son of Adhinatha, the first Thirthankara of this time. Adhinatha had 2 wives Yashasvati Devi and Sunanda Devi, 101 sons and 2 daughters, of them Bharatha was the eldest and Bahubali the second. While Adhinatha attained Liberation at Kailasa(Ashtapad) in present day Himalayas, he left behind his wealth to this children. Bharatha wanted to gain control of whole of his father's dynasty, without sharing it with any of his brothers. While his other brothers surrendered their kingdom to Bharatha and became Monks, Bahubali was equally powerful as his elder brother and didn't wanted to surrender. Bharath sent his Chakra(wheel) to kill Bahubali, the wheel circled around Bahubali thrice and stood net to him. Bharatha declared a war against Bahubali. Didn't wanting for blood sheds, the two brothers decide to have a peaceful war between themselves.
The first was drushti yudda, were both the brothers stared at each other, the one who blinked first would loose the fight, Babuhali was a strong and tall person, while he easily looked into Bharath's eyes, Bharatha couldn't stare at the taller Bahubali longer and loose the fight. 
The next was jala yudda or water fight, were both were supposed to splash water on each other, the tall Bahubali, defeated Bharatha in no time. 
To end the war was the final fight showcasing each others strength. Bahubali held Bharatha high in the air to throw him down, before he realise what he was doing with his brother just for the materialistic wealth. He gets his brother down slowly, bows to him, gives the kingdom and walks to the woods to meditate. He stand in the wild for a year meditating, anthills, creepers grow on his body, but still something in his mind holds him back from liberation. Bharatha, looking at his brother's state, checks with the monks, what had held him from liberation. Monk says, Bahubali still believed he was standing on his brother's land, which held him back. Bharatha bows to Bahubali, ask him to leave his thought, and the same moment Bahubali attain liberation. 
Bahubali, Bahubali Mahamasthakabhisheka 2018, Karnataka, Travel
The three fights, malla yuddha, when Bahubali hold Bharath up in the air, drushti yuddha fight of sight, Jala Yuddha, water fight

Bahubali, Bahubali Mahamasthakabhisheka 2018, Karnataka, Travel
From left, Bahubali heading to the wilds after the fight, next Bharatha's wheel which stops next to Bahubali, Bharatha declaring war against Bahubali, last Bharatha bowing down to Bahubali asking him to forget about the materialistic life
Bharatha gets a beautiful Emerald idol of Bahubali carved in his capital Paudanapura. He replicates the creepers, the anthills which grew on him while meditating, and these became the symbol of Bahubali over the years and you can find them in any of Bahubali's idols even today.

PS: Those are the paintings kept at the temple entrance in Shravanbelagola, depicting Bahubali's life, not in the same order though.

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