20 November 2016

Fascinating Under water Experience at Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo!!!

Malls of Dubai are not known just for their luxury brand outlets but also for the attractions they offer. Close to Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall offers with attractions like Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, Dubai Ice Rink, Kidzania and more. More on other attractions in upcoming posts, as this post is for Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo.
Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, is one of the largest aquariums in the world. With the capacity to hold 10 million liters of water, it has thousands of aquatic animals including sharks and rays. Its 270-degree acrylic walk-through tunnel is amazing, to experience the fascinating underwater life. A special 'lunar-cyclic' lighting system changes the ambiance of the tank depending on the time of day.

Batoid/Ray better known as kite fish in kids
Another ray, with bottom view as seen from walkthrough
Another view

Aquarium as seen from second floor

Underwater Zoo located above the aquarium, also has a great collection of aquatic animals and educates visitors with ecology and sustainability of marine life.

This see through glass dome gives you to click your pic with the feel of underwater diving. You scroll down the fish tank and reach the mid of it and pose for your click.
A wild life themed cafe, a dinning option while you experience wild life.
So when in Dubai Mall you know there is more to Shopping, and experience the aquatic world. More on other attractions of Dubai Mall in following posts.

Travel Info
Visiting Hours:
10:00am - 11:00pm [Sun- Wed](Last admission: 10:30pm)
10:00am - 12:00 midnight [Thu - Sat](Last admission: 11:30pm)
 Entry Fee:
There are different packages, check their website Dubai Aquarium for booking.

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