17 March 2015

When I started a new life, of a Blogger #StartANewLife

Traveling had always been a passion for me, be it in a group of 15, roaming the streets of Varanasi during a family trip or roaming alone on the streets of Bangalore. 
I always wanted to be independent and wanted to join a hostel, right at a very young age to lead an independent life. But being from an orthodox family brought up amidst grand parents, I was never allowed to leave the house alone till I finished my Engineering. Then on started my nomadic life. I worked in Bangalore for a year, I felt I was a free bird then and took every chance to explore and roam around in Bangalore alone, to live my life on my own. Be it visiting my cousins during weekend or walking back home from bus stop with a cup of sweet corn in hand and getting into any of the stores with sales board on, looking for quirky stuff. I enjoyed every minute of it. 
My nomadic life became twosome, when I married an equally travel enthusiast husband and shifted to Dubai. Not even a single weekend was spent at home. Our group of 10 was always there to plan one or the other stuff for weekends. Walking back home in group at 2 in the night, after the midnight movie show or long weekend drive to neighbouring Oman, life was awesome and went as I wanted, traveling and exploring new places. 
Life took a turn when I had to shift back to India for my baby's birth. Three years of life with my new born went in taking care and bringing her up as she really needed some special care being a preterm baby. She soon started her schooling and we were back to our roaming mood of exploring the world. But being engaged with my studies and job through out my life, spending time lone at home was the challenge which I had to face and that is when I started this blog of mine. My life took a new turn with the start of this blog. Got in touch with so many people sharing similar interest. My way of traveling had changed, till now when I clicked pictures of mine at the travel destinations had changed, now it was for the world I started clicking, it was not me but the places I clicked. Till now when I was all running behind not to miss a single chance to visit a new country had changed, I wanted to explore my country first. I was interested more in the architectural beauty of India than the beaches of the neighbouring countries. Blogging had changed my thoughts and my perception towards travel. Blogging had changed me and I started a new life through blogging.
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