29 November 2014

Walls of Bandra and Graffiti

As part of Celebrate Bandra, last Sunday St-art Mumbai(Street art Mumbai) had organized Graffiti workshop. Unfortunately I joined the team too late, as we took more than half an hour locating the Municipal Grounds, where the workshop was scheduled. And then found that the ground was occupied by few local guys, playing cricket and were not ready to vacate the ground. So we gathered at the school campus(I think it was Pali Chimbai Municipal School, not sure though)opposite to the ground, where an artist was working graffiti on the walls. 
As I was getting late and waiting more for the workshop to start seemed impossible, all I did was, clicked few of the other graffitis, from different walls of Bandra. Here are few of them, 

And this building, attracted our sight, every time we passed by this rout.
Aren't these beautiful, how I wish I could be part of the workshop. Am back at Celebrate Bandra this weekend for few workshops and walks, will keep you posted.

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