16 September 2014

Ticket Cancellation with Red Bus

I travel almost 2 to 3 times a year to my native. Most of the time its only me and my 5yr old daughter. So prefer Volvo bus to train, mainly because of journey time and availability. Off course most of my bookings are at nth moment, when I can't expect a train ticket. Even if I go for tatkal, the journey time sucks me, while my bus takes around 15hours, train almost 21hours. Though in both cases, I need to travel an hour journey by road then after. As there is only one train a week, which connects to my place.
Till last few months, the only option we had were two Volvo semi sleeper buses. But now we have one sleeper a day. After getting used to of sleeper, it becomes really difficult to go for semi sleeper, especially when you have to handle your kid, all alone.
Few months back I had booked a ticket with Red Bus for sleeper coach. During peak season, its the issue with most bus operators to change their bus schedule. They changed their sleeper coach bus to semi sleeper. Informed us, the difference amount would be refunded to me on-board, only if I travelled. As I said, it really becomes difficult to travel in semi sleeper with my kid, I wanted to reschedule my trip for a day to get a sleeper, as I didn't have hurry to travel. 
Only option given by Red Bus was to cancel my present ticket, under standard cancellation terms and book new ticket. They assured of getting the entire amount back from bus operator. Now, they have refunded me the cancellation charges, and to compensate and keep up their service, they have given me an additional 10% discount for my next travel. I really appreciate their way of handling their customers and looking forward for their continued service. Hoping bus operators to be more professional and traveling in India would be more easier and comfortable.


  1. This is just sad.. most of these travel websites are very worried about their reputation and so they do everything they can. Infact red bus was the first website that came up with the idea of booking bus tickets online. I have booked with them a few times and I never had a problem.. Though I generally use goibibo these days, they have a very nice customer support

    1. True Ritika, and this operator I had booked with is one of the top operators, let alone those small operators, who have very few buses and who don't even know how to treat their customers.. Never tried goibibo. For my other trips its usually makemytrip for multiple bookings..

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    1. You are welcome Krishna, thanks for dropping in.. :)