11 August 2014

Currency Exhibition

Recently there was currency exhibition at daughter's school. As I was there at her school for her open day, gave a visit. The exhibits were collection of Mr. Sanjay Joshi and the event was sponsored by PMC Bank.
Currency, stamps, flag, map of Australia
Mr. Sanjay Joshi, a banker by profession, is a passionate Numiamatist, Notaphilist, philatelist. As of today he has a collection of around 1950 coins from 187 nations, 850 curreny notes from 205 nations and around 1800 stamps from 233 nations, which are existing and extinct nations.
Currency, stamps, flag, map of Lithunia
He calls it Money Olympics, an exhibition of Currency(coins and notes), Stamps and Flags of the nations spread across the seven continents, arranged in alphabetical order from A to Z(Afghanistan to Zimbabwe).
Currency printed during the tenure of Governor Dr. Y. V. Reddy
Apart from money Olympics, the display had Indian notes, arranged as per the print year, segregated under each RBI Governor, which also include few special series of notes. But a brief introduction of the Governors.
Currency printed during the tenure of Governor R. N. Malhotra
Star Notes: Currently, all fresh banknote packets issued by the Reserve Bank contain one hundred serially numbered banknotes. In a serially numbered packet, banknotes with any defect detected at the printing stage are replaced at the presses by banknotes carrying the same number in order to maintain the sequence. As part of the Reserve Bank’s ongoing efforts to benchmark its procedures against international best practices, as also for greater efficiency and cost effectiveness, it is proposed to adopt the STAR series numbering system for replacement of defectively printed banknotes. A ‘star series’ banknote will have an additional character, viz., a star symbol * in the number panel and will be similar in every other respect to a normal bank note and would be legal tender. Any new note packet carrying a star series note will have a band on which it will be indicated that the packet contains a star note(s).
Star Notes
Seven Digit Note: Indian Currency notes are 6 digit series. Starting from 000001 to end with 1000000. So, in a series of 10lacs notes, there will be only one note with 7 digits.
Seven Digit Note
Series in Green Ink: Indian currency series numbers are printed either in red or blue ink, a one off series printed in green ink during the tenure of RBI Governor P. C Bhattacharya(tenure 62-67).
Series in Green Ink
He also has a collection of Indian coins ranging from the dynasties of Satvahana, Akbar, Aurangzeb, Shivaji, Portuguese, British India. But due to lack of space, he couldn't them.

Did you know: 
A collect or does not own his collection. He is merely a custodian for short period of his life. What he does is to preserve the exhibits for future, whether they be kept intact in a museum or recirculated to a collector of the future generation.
Did you know:
Tonga, Vanuatu, Eritrea, Sao Tome and Principe are countries which being member of United Nations have their own Currency Notes, Postal stamps and Flags.

You can in touch with Mr. Joshi at sanjay_njoshi@yahoo.co.in He also host quiz for school students.

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