9 May 2014

Floral Friday Photography

Floral photographs from the garden at Agra Fort.



  1. Pretty flower and great capture of the bee.

  2. Really pretty clicks Meghana :)

  3. Thank you Mridula :)
    Thanks Khushboo :)

  4. Nice pictures of Snapdragons aka Antirrhinum Dogflowers. ( Many memories of childhood associated with these flowers. i have taken a few pictures too. Wish you to follow me. i have added you...we can see each others pictures of flowers, plants, birds, trees. Please add me to your list.
    i am adding you Meghna. Will look forward to more of yours :)
    Hope you know how to carefully slide your fingers inside those pretty petals and make them bark :)

  5. Thank you Tomichan Matheikal..
    Thank you Shivani, thanks for following. Making this flower bark, sounds really interesting, will google to find more..