17 December 2013

Coffee Plantation in Sakleshpur

We drove through Sakleshpur to reach Kadmane Tea Estate. As we had special permission for the visit, we couldn't spend time at coffee plantation on our way. Clicked few of these pictures while back.

Coffee seed
Stats say, Karnataka contributes to 51% of coffee production in India. The coffee plantation is done in shades, inter cropped with cardamom and pepper.
Heard a lot of its beauty during the blooming season, when the full bloomed white flowers make a delightful sight. Should definitely plan a visit during bloom next.
The byproduct of these coffee plants are the beautiful coffee root furnitures which you find on the roads of Sakleshpur. The creativity of the artists turn the dead roots into master piece.

You should definitely shop one as a souvenir, if you have enough space to carry them and flaunt them in your house.