10 September 2013

Nostalgic Frangrances that Bond Hubby, Me and Dubai

"Smell your way for a better mood"

How exactly do we smell and how does any smell or fragrance effect our mood?

Each day we breathe in over 23,040 times and inhale over 238 cubic feet of air. Each breath floods our smell receptors with inforamation about the environment. Smells of pleasure, awareness, danger, sexual attraction. Smell has a powerful effect on behavior. Certain smells brighten our moods and lift our spirits, like the smell of a good cup of coffee. And some other find repulsive and alert us of danger.
An exotic perfume or the smell of your lover's skin can lead to intimacy and romance while other scents bring a sense of calm and make us feel at home.
Few fragrances leave you nostalgic down the lane of life. Here are few of my nostalgic frangrances.
My Wedding Gift Box from Hubby: We had a long gap between our engagement and wedding and as my hubby was working in Dubai, we didn't get to meet till the wedding day. On the wedding day he gifted me with a gift box filled with loads of memories. The box was filled with potpourri, a handbag, a perfume bottle, a photo album which had a collection of photographs of we both, and our wedding ring. Its been 6years now and still that fragrance just can not wave off from my mind, each time I open the box, the frangrance takes me to THE big day, when we started our journey of life together.  
Diwali celebrations: After wedding we stayed in Dubai for few years. When you are away from your motherland, you tend to be more bonded with all the traditions and culture of your place. During festive seasons all Indian shops are flooded with pooja material and Indian gifts. As in India, Diwali is celebrated for 5 days and thats the time when all your Indian attires come out of your cupboards. Family and friends get together for celebrations. The frangrance of the scented candles and fragrance sticks remind me of our Diwali celebrations in Dubai.

Perfume stalls and Shopping Malls: Dubai or any arabic country for that matter are known for their perfumes, they have specific streets which are lined up with perfume shops. Perfume, which is known as Attar in Arabic is considered to be one of the most treasured of material possessions. My Attar reminds me of those shopping malls and streets of Dubai which smell perfumes.
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