5 June 2013

Wednesday Bazaar 8 - Flower Shops

A walk through Matunga, takes me to my native, those flower shops, the Mysore Silk Saree showrooms, our own Udupi Shri Krishna hotel and Mysore cafe... A perfect place to spend an evening for a south Indian like me...
For this week's Wednesday Bazaar are these flower shops from Matunga,

Wednesday Bazaar is a series where I post pictures of Bazaar or markets from around the world.. Check more Bazaars here.
Linked to ABC Wednesday(An Ethnic touch to Urban Life).


  1. Shops are colourful..!

    Murthy ABCW Team.

  2. URBAN life in India is so different than I experience in the US. UNUSUAL and exotic. Kate, ABC Team

    1. Its in certain part of the city, Kate....

  3. Interesting URBAN setting.
    ABC Wednesday team

  4. Beautifully captured!! Love that place!!

  5. Those flowers are so beautiful, what a lovely place to have dinner.

  6. A great place to shop and people-watch!

  7. a great place to shop -- and people-watch!

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