21 February 2013

Hassan - My own place.....

Just booked my tickets to Hassan for a months vacation, found this would be perfect time for me to write about this place.
Born and brought up in Hassan I have been visiting places in and around it many a times.. As kid it was always a fun trip to enjoy with cousins and friends...I have been hearing about those places from my parents and grand parents, but least was I bothered to know as a kid... Only after i started to blog did it really bother me to go back to those days and refresh my memories... And thanks to Wiki for those facts and figures.... Hence this and the following few posts are on the places in and around Hassan...

Hassan gets its name from Goddess "Haasanamba", whose temple resides at the heart of the city. 
Hassan district was the seat of Hoysala Empire which at its peak ruled large parts of south India from Belur as its early capital and Halebidu as its later one. Hassan today is primarily known worldwide for its Hoysala architecture.
The main tourist attractions are Belur Channakeshava Temple, Halebidu Hoysaleswara Temple and Lord Gomateshwara at Shravanabelagola.
It also houses Master Control Facility of Indian Space Research Organisation. 

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